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Since the late 1970s and early 1980s, personal computers have been an integral part of making our lives more convenient.

Many advances and improvements have come since then, including the advent of the internet, social media, and much more.

Despite all these advancements, however, there are still basic computer functions many do not know about, while their family members, friends, and the general public seems to have caught up with the times.

They feel left behind, while the world looks at them with bewildered amazement.

They wonder how can they also get caught-up… to feel at par with everyone else, so they wonder how to quickly learn the basic functions of a computer.

This course is finally their chance to catch up…


“In other words, take this and you won’t feel left out. For both Mac and PC users.


The Curriculum

Part 1
Types of Computers 04:01
Learn the 2 main types of computers...
Mac vs PC 02:45
What are Operating Systems (For Mac OS) 04:20
Windows OS Explained 03:00
Know about folder structures (for Windows computers) 07:52
Know about folder structures (for Mac computers) 06:07
Part 2
Understanding File Directories 08:54
Different Versions of Operating Systems 07:55
For Windows and Macs
Resizing Windows 06:55
Part 3
Types of Internet Browsers 09:51
How to ‘Pin to Taskbar’ 04:49
How to Create ‘Shortcuts’ to Desktop 11:27
Left, Right Click 07:29
How to ‘Force Close’ Programs 05:38
Part 4
Difference between ‘http’ and ‘https’ 04:34
Saving ‘Favorites’ in your Internet Browser 07:23
Your Internet Browser Version 02:25
Part 5
Hotkeys (Windows computers) 11:45
Hotkeys (Mac Computers) 02:25
How to take a Screenshot (Mac) 05:41
How to take a Screenshot (Windows) 06:51
Part 6
File Extensions 09:20
Opening a new tab and window 03:47
A Private Window (aka Incognito Mode) 03:59
Changing the Font 03:42
The Final Part
How to do a ‘Spellcheck’ 03:04
Delete Your Browser History 03:41
How to set the Browser’s ‘Home Page’ 05:44
Opening .zip files 04:02
Creating .zip files 06:26
Attach your file to an Email 04:36
How to Email LARGE files 04:47
How to save your file as .pdf 03:50
Understanding File Sizes 04:04
Final Words! 01:24
The Final Test 10:00

What Will I Learn

After completing this course, you will learn:

  • How to really use a computer!
  • Windows vs Mac operating systems
  • Folders
  • Directory structures
  • Internet browsers
  • Taking screenshots
  • .zip files
  • Resizing windows
  • Creating Shortcuts
  • Bookmark Favorites
  • Hotkeys
  • File extensions
  • Private windows in internet browsers
  • View / Delete browser history
  • Email large files

And much more…



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  1. Basic Computer Functions


    Very detailed and very self explanatory! Thanks Vic for the basics computer functions. This class is mandatory for those who are trying to get a better understanding using a Windows/Mac computer. You won’t regret it! 👍🏾👌🏾💯

  2. Enjoy the course


    I hope you enjoy this course. If you have any questions, feel free to visit the course ‘Q&A Forum’, located in the course menu bar (visible to course students, only).

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