Are you afraid to teach? Don't feel like your knowledge is 'good enough'?

If that's you, then never forget: To a 5th grader, a 6th grader is an expert.

As long as you know a topic someone else doesn't know, you can become their 'expert' -- especially if you had prior experience (and success) in that field.

Teach literally anywhere

Since you are creating a course on Dubata, you no longer have to "rent" an office space to teach your students.

Simply create your course anywhere in the world, post it here on Dubata, and invite students to join. 

By the way, each course will have its personal Q&A Forum to answer any questions your students may have. 

Earn Extra Income

You earn income by charging for your courses. You can make as many courses as you like. 

You'll start getting paid after the 2nd month after you sell your first course (to compensate for our 30-day return policy). To learn more, click here.

In all, you control your own content, while teaching in your own way, using your own style.

Assign Dubata Certificates & Master Badges

As a teacher, you can decide if students will receive a Certificate of Completion after completing your course.

As an additional option, you can also assign them Master Badges if they hit higher than a certain score after completing your course.

Certificates of Completion and Master Badges will show up on the student's profile page. This shows everyone the student has completed your course.

It's all up to you.

Don't be afraid

Don't be afraid to share your knowledge!

We know it's scary because there's always those "doubts" in your head. Or maybe you have imposter syndrome.

No worries. As long as your course adds value to someone's life, you will be fine.

Trust us.


We handle all the background hard work

Dubata handles the hosting, payment processing & customer service --- all at no additional cost to you! We made it easy for you so you can focus on teaching your skills.

Let's get your teaching journey started

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