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Teach the job skills, share your knowledge, and make a difference.

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Teach anywhere you would like

Since you are creating a course on Dubata®, you no longer have to rent an office space to teach/share your knowledge. Just invite people to watch your videos and still get paid, or make it free for all to view. 

You can also communicate with your students with your personal Q&A Forum to clear up any questions your students may have. 


Earn Extra Income

You earn income by charging for your courses. You can make as many courses as you like. You will get paid at the end of the month (plus 30 days due to any potential returns). 

You control your content --- and teach in your own way, your own style.

Assign Dubata Certificates & Master Badges

Students who complete your courses can receive "Dubata Certificates" as their reward.

They can also get "Master Badges" if they are in the top-tier in your course. You can set your own minimum scores required to obtain both Dubata Certificates and Master Badges.

It's all up to you.

The Biggest Benefit

Simply put, you will make a difference into someone's life, teaching them skills they never thought they could afford to learn.

Another great benefit: Creating a pipeline with employers, so your skills can directly bring them candidates.

Oh, and you'll also make extra money.



We handle all the background hard work

Dubata® handles the hosting, payment processing & customer service --- all at no additional cost to you! We made it easy for you so you can focus on teaching your skills.

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