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The Story: How it all began


The story of Dubata started out as a solution to a need that once affected its founder Vic Oyedeji (@vic). In 2014, in need of a better and more secure financial situation, Vic saved $700 and took a 6-week class on how to become a Software Tester -- a tech skill that can earn around a $50,000/yr salary. After taking the 6-week class & learning the skill, he found it very difficult to get a job since he didn't have any prior experience.

To overcome that barrier, Vic had to add prior experiences to his resume, as well as skills he learned from his class, to finally get interviews. Almost a year and 11 (eleven) failed interviews later, Vic finally broke through and became a Software Tester in upstate New York, changing his financial life.

During his time as a Software Tester (also known as a "QA Analyst"), Vic realized that almost no one who looked like him were in the tech field. Disappointed, he wanted to change that so people wouldn't have to work long hours for "less" pay.

As a result, in mid-2018 the platform known as Dubata (which means "do better") was born. Dubata is aimed to get hard-working, underrepresented, underserved & inspired individuals a tech job, without learning how to code, prior experience, or even a college degree -- all prior barriers to a great tech career.

Join us at our Dubata journey. It's going to be a great one.

(And check out the online Software Testing course mentioned in this story by clicking here)


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